Bryan Stuart
Piano Teacher

I believe that a life well lived means doing something with the artistic gifts we discover along our life’s paths.  Many of us find that making music through the piano is one of those talents. Some of us then feel a desire to develop something out of that talent, whether urged by our family and friends or motivated from within.

That’s where I come in. I teach piano to help those people, young and old, make the most of their musical talent and have fun in the process. I help them develop within themselves the confidences as well as the ability to learn this beautiful and versatile instrument and bring joy to themselves and others. I teach for the whole repertoire of musical skills in a style tailored to the aptitudes and unique personalities of each student.

What we learn with joy, we never forget. If you are ready to discover the joy of playing the piano and want to know about lesson opportunities for you or your child, please contact me at or call 509-953-6205.

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